17 Barricades Why You’ll Never Succeed Online and How to Change this Instantly!
I have decided to show you in this article ALL 17 Barricades why you will never make it with your Online Business. Please pay particular attention to Barricades 8 and 16 because about these points I will reveal everything in detail later on. Therefore, read this article to the end to understand it completely!






Here we go:
1. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Have The Wrong Mindset!
2. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Everything Is Too Technical!
3. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Want To
Earn Money For Doing Nothing!
4. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Part Of The Herd
5. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Quit At The First Hurdle
6. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Have Your
Subscribers & Customers’ Interests At Heart
7. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Build a List

8. Never Succeed Online If You Always
Moan About Your Current Situation

9. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think
The world Owes You Something
10. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think You Have No Time
11. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Having
No Money Prevents You Becoming Successful
12. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You’re Scared Of Failure
13. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Think Everything Online Is a Scam
14. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Jump From Product to Product
15. You’ll Never Succeed Online If All You Think About Is Making Money

16. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Not Willing To Help Others

17. You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Create Poor Quality Work





Take a Break of 2-3 minutes and let it sink in properly. Why? Because then you will become more aware of the high level of importance of these 17 annoying barricades. You will see that these barricades apply to almost EVERYTHING in life.

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Barricade 8(detailed)
Never Succeed Online If You Always Moan About Your Current Situation
“I may get some flak for this one but it needs to be said. So you hate your job, or even worse you’ve lost your job, or maybe you’ve recently been divorced, or you are up to your eyes in debt or are in some other similar situation where your luck is down. You can do one of two things. You can moan about your situation or get down to business.

I was in a ton of debt before I started to see success online, I had a job I hated, and I used to live from month to month. Guess what I did? Well for starters I didn’t moan about my situation. I got down to business. Sure it took a couple of years to see any money but I never gave up (mindset) and I kept at it. This is what you need to do if you find yourself in a situation you don’t like. 

In fact, many successful online marketers usually hit a massive low before they really get down to business. Something happens in their life that makes them so angry they change their mindset and become determined to succeed. If you can relate to this and hate your current situation get angry, change your mindset and get to work“. (Many Thanks to John Thornhill)

Barricade 16(detailed)
You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Not Willing To Help Others
“Like I have already said stop thinking about making money and think about helping others and the money will flow all on its own.
If someone emailed you today asking for you to help him or her fix a problem they had that you knew how to fix would you help them? I’m guessing you would.

What if 10 people emailed you, or 100?

I know most people would hate to have a situation where 100 people per day needed help and the chances are email or support tickets would go unanswered. Let me tell you if you ever get to this sort of situation you’ve made it. Help these people and they will stay loyal to you. They will buy your products and recommendations and will stay loyal to you, but the best thing of all is they will be telling you what their problems are. 

Create products that solves their problems and the amount of money you can make is limitless”.( Many Thanks to John Thornhill)

Two Detailed Answers
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Take action and take the following steps(believe me you won’t regret it).
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Dear readers
I know many of you are struggling with starting and running a profitable online business. Don’t worry, just by reading this article you have taken a huge step forward. 

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I hope everyone has learned something from this and I really appreciate it if you give your honest comments. So please feel free to reply.

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