On April 26th(this year of 2022 of course…hehe) the Magic is going to take place!

In close cooperation with Top Marketers, John Thornhill, Randy Smith, and Steven Alvey I’ve created a more than fantastic digital PLR product called “Email Power Machine”

Yes…it took some time, to be honest, a LOT more time than I had imagined beforehand.

You’re going to ask me…Marcel, why does it take so long to create this?
Well, I’ll try to explain it to you in a few words,

I’m a guy who’s going for the TOP only…meaning… my product must meet(among others):

  1. High meaningful(up-to-date) content
  2. Added high-value
  3. Easy to implement

There have been times I thought I’ll never get this done. That’s me…I am only happy when every dot behind the comma(,…) is correct. Why?…because that’s the commitment to my customers…in other words, for me…Only Quality Matters!

Enough about my struggles…let’s talk about the “Email Power Machine”…this is what Top Marketer Randy Smith has to say:

“I was asked to take a look at Email Power Machine.

I suspect the creator was hoping I’d like it and promote it when it launches!

Well, I WILL BE PROMOTING  this product.
I’ll recommend my list buys it to learn from, even if they have no interest in it being PLR!

There’s too much quality information to detail, without repeating the content of the ebook!

So I doubt any reader would be able to walk away from it-
-without picking up a useful tip, great idea, or even a link to help write many more emails with ease.

(The fact that you can use this to help your readers if you grab the PLR, is a Major Added Bonus, that they would thank you for.)

So yes. I do highly recommend getting a copy of this onto your PC, and putting it to use!

Thanks for the review copy.”



Randy Smith

Actually, I  don’t need to add anything more to Randy’s words…

However, I can imagine that you’re wondering more in detail about what’s in the “Email Power Machine”?

Well,…I’m sorry but the only thing you can do is check the page HERE for more details,…

Thereafter lay back and wait until April 26th at 9.00(EDT)…then push the button and use the “Email Power Machine” to your advantage.

(By the way, JV’s…I almost forgot about it…to promote a topic in high demand…grab your JV link here: https://emailpowermachine.com/jv/

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