Is Traffic Money, that is the question
When I started my Internet marketing journey my thoughts were mostly about “the more traffic the better”. In itself logical because the more traffic the more attention the greater the chance of sales, that was my mindset.

Purchase of Email addresses,…… Yes or No?
When you are wondering “how do I find new customers”? Then it’s an easy step to think: You know what, I buy an email list start a campaign and the money comes in. Nevertheless, I’ll give you 4 reasons to consider why not to buy email addresses anyway because purchased lists don’t work or rarely work.

1. You have to deal with GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)) is a European regulation that standardizes the rules for the processing of personal data by private companies and public authorities across the European Union. The aim is not only to ensure the protection of personal data within the European Union but also to ensure the free movement of data within the European single market. The regulation applies globally to all companies and organizations that hold and process personal data of natural persons in the European Union, regardless of whether services or products are paid for or not.

This means customers must have given consent to receive emails from your organization. Violating GDPR has various risks like public scrutiny, monetary fines, registration as a Spammer, etc.

2. Emails often lead to “Spam Difficulties” and this can damage your reputation.

3.The deliverability score of your emails is much lower

4. You have much lower open/click rates because they don’t know you at all.
     (In other words, who the heck is Marcel van de Kerkhof).

Randy Smith, Email Marketing Expert
In my last conversation with Randy Smith of Partnership to Success, one of the topics of discussion was traffic and he taught me 5 very wise lessons:





1. What do you get from a 10,000 contacts list from people who don’t know you at all? Most likely the majority are just looking for free stuff. In my experience, buying lists is a waste of money!

2. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. If you receive emails from someone you don’t know and have never even heard of. What would you do yourself? Chances are very high that you would mark them as SPAM and you would most likely unsubscribe immediately.

3. Therefore don’t make a main case of traffic at this point but do thorough market research first and then create your product based on the results of your research.
All following the Partnership to Success program

4. You build a professional BUYERS list by FIRST creating your product and releasing it. With the buyers of your product, you build a relationship of trust and there you have your first professional buyers list. Once they know you, it is so much easier to offer new products or services.

5. So focus on creating your product and stick to the Partnership to Success program step by step all the way up to day 60.

These 5 lessons show to the point why I am in the Partnership to Success program. They show you exactly which route is best to take. And guide you back to the main road if you’ve taken a wrong turn. That’s why it’s so important to have regular calls and keep communicating. If you do…success is assured!

My conclusion on traffic and list building
Content=Traffic that’s a fact. The more content you generate the more likely you are to get noticed. For example, writing articles regularly on your blog and sharing them as much as possible with people and groups is especially important to generate traffic. In other words, writing articles generates attention, and  “what you give attention grows”. But not all traffic is valuable and not all email addresses are valuable.

As Randy Smith says create a professional buyers list by releasing your product and build a relationship of trust with your buyers based on that. That’s the Key to Success!

Internet marketing
Internet marketing or online marketing is a form of marketing products and services over the Internet. Online marketing includes Internet advertising, but equally less direct forms of marketing, such as search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing, viral marketing, and marketing through social media. Advertising and marketing through the Internet have become the largest advertising market.

The Internet market will continue to grow rapidly so setting up an online business from your own home is a great opportunity right now because:

1. You are your own boss
2. You manage your own time
3. More free time
4. More financial freedom
5. You build a passive income for years to come






My Personal Advice
Don’t wait any longer and take action.
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I really hope that everyone has learned something from this article and please give objective comments I really appreciate it.

(Oh yeah, as you know by now English is not my first language so if you see something weird or don’t understand something please let me know right away because Internet Marketers are human being as well)


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